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Kingdom rules

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Lochac equestrian rules

All participants please remember Rule 1, from the Rules of the List as found in Corpora. Here it is:
“Each fighter, recognizing the possibilities of physical injury to himself or herself in such combat, shall assume unto himself or herself all risk and liability for harm suffered by means of such combat. Other participants shall likewise recognize the risks involved in their presence on or near the field of combat, and shall assume unto themselves the liabilities thereof.”

The following are to be read as an addendum to the Society rules:
1.An Equestrian marshal shall inspect all equestrian equipment for safety e.g. loose fitting, splinters, failed stitching etc. before use by participants.
2.Lances/Spears must always be held vertically when on horseback, except when actually running at the target.
3.Riders must provide written information on what to do/who is to take responsibility of their horse/equipment in the event of an accident which leaves them unable to take care of said horse/equipment. This information must be supplied on arrival at an event. The EqMIC must be aware of the location of and be able to access this information at all times.
4.Authorization cards are valid for 4 years.
5.Lochac Authorizations: These are the authorizations that are currently available in the Kingdom of Lochac. In all cases the KEO may deputize Equestrian Marshals to authorize individuals in the areas specified below.
◦General Riding – A person with this authorization may participate in the following activities: ◾General Riding
◾Processions (or leading an unauthorized rider during a procession)

◦Driving (harness). Driving is using harness and a cart/gig/chariot. A person with this authorization may participate in the following activities: ◾Driven games with the passenger controlling weapons, driver controlling the horse.
◾Driving or harness work to offer transportation solutions both people and/or gear.

◦Mounted Games (Non-Contact) – A person with this authorization may participate in non-contact games such as but not limited to the following examples: ◾Rings
◾Spear throwing – pig sticking/tent pegging

◦Mounted Games (Contact) – two types, light and heavy ◾Combat (heavy) – full body shots (human) using armour and weapon specifications as per the society equestrian handbook. No thrusting is permitted. Note that this is NOT SCA heavy armoured combat.
◾Crest Combat (light) – only valid target is the crest – using weapons as per specifications in the society equestrian handbook.

◦Mounted Archery ◾A person with this authorization must be able to handle the bow safely while on the horse – the rider must ensure the horse is happy with the noise and action of a bow prior to competition.
◾Must be able to display ability to control horse during competition when reins may not be available.

Recommendations and Notes
•Remember at all times that horses may kick or bit without warning.
•Nationally recognized approved safety helmets are recommended at all times when riding.
•It is highly recommended that all horses are vaccinated for Tetanus and Strangles. It is the owner/rider’s responsibility to ensure that vaccination cards are easily available and/or presentable where required by law.
•Prior to the commencement of any games, protocol should be determined for what to do if an unhorsing occurs; this is the responsibility of the EqMIC. Ideally there should be one person to attend the horse, one person to attend the fallen rider, and one to attend the other rider (if applicable). A First-Aider shall liaise with the rider to assess their ability to continue. If a rider falls unconscious AT ANY TIME, the First Aid officer or the EqMIC have the authority to prohibit the rider from further participation in the event.
•Signage is not required as per the society rules III Event Requirements, B3(a), due to Lochac’s affiliations with the SCA society, (SCA Ltd and SCANZ).
•Horse archery should have both an Eq Marshal and an Archery marshal present during events.
•The EqMIC of an event should be made aware that a stallion will be present prior to or upon entry to an event; this will be the responsibility of the rider to convey.
•The lists officer will issue authorization cards for equestrians after receiving the appropriate paperwork and fee (where applicable).

New Zealand Specific
•Please note that New Zealand has an exemption from the Society BOD regarding Equestrian insurance as stated in Society rules. As such, Equestrian events in New Zealand are not required to obtain the Society insurance.
•Waviers are not signed in New Zealand, as notified by SCANZ.

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