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We welcome anyone with an interest in horses and the SCA.  There are many different areas that you can participate in with relation to equestrian, and you don’t have to be a rider to be involved.

Authorisations include:

  • General Riding
  • Mounted Games
  • Mounted Archery
  • Mounted Crest combat (using light boffer weapons)
  • Heavy mounted combat (using boffer weapons)
  • Jousting
  • Driving

You can then progress if interested onto:

  • Marshal
  • Authorising Marshal

There is currently no requirement to be authorised to be a part of the Ground crew at an Equestrian event. Offering to Ground crew is a great way to get involved and to support the Equestrian Arts in Lochac.

As well as Ground crew and being an authorised Equestrian, there are a range of activities in relation to equestrians such as leather working, embroidery, research etc.


Welcome to Lochac Equestrians — 6 Comments

  1. looks great. my SCA name is Elizabeth Haddlesay and im a registered and authorised SCA equestrian for mounted dames , archery and general riding.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, How do you become a registered and authorised SCA equestrian for mounted dames. I am a current member, (4 yrs), and I have my own horse who does everything. I am in Newcastle, but will possibly moving to QLD, out towards the RAAF Base, (yes I am RAAF) so I am looking at the Shir of Willougby, but really want to be apart of the equestrian group/side of things. Any information or suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. YIS Angelc Ocelfa of Angus.

  3. hi i was wondering what the arrow shaft length is max for horse archery. i am a sca member, i compete in medieval horse sports with another group. i see general archery is 28 inch length and 5/16″ does HA allow for longer shafts?

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